I was born in Wootton, Bedfordshire and  have lived and worked within the local area. I am passionate making a difference within the political landscape and getting involved with community projects.

Why I Am Standing As A Candidate

Harry Palmer with Richard Tice
Over the last few years l have become increasingly disillusioned with UK politics. We have witnessed multiple paliarmentary attempts to overturn the democratic referendum vote. Current political decisions seem poorly thought out and do little to contribute to the floursihing of our nation.

The current conservative party is increasing taxes  for hard working  individuals whilst simultaneously wasting the money they have managed to raise.

37 billion on a track and trace app that never worked. Where did that money go?

3 billion has been wasted on furlough fraud due to failure to do any checks.

Meanwhile we cannot afford to fund our public services and often end up waiting weeks for a dentist or doctor’s appointment. However, we are somehow able to send 14 a billion a year to notoriously corrupt countries and house tens of thousands of illegal immigrants  in 4* Star hotels.

Billions of pounds were wasted on bounce back loans and grants to companies that were not entitled to these loans and never had any any intention of repaying them. This is not to mention the many companies that took furlough money and grants and are paying billions a year in dividends to shareholders!

I want change and to see a party that represents my interets and supports ordinary, hard-working people who want to buy houses, raise families and be rewarded for doing the right thing. The gap between rich and poor has grown in the past few decades. The three industries that grew significantly during COVID were food banks, super cars and private yachts ….. there is something wrong there!

Reform UK were asking for applications to get involved. I realised that that I could either sit back and watch the news, shouting aimlessly at the TV or, I could take action and do something about all the problems that have plagued our nation.

In time for the next general election we will have in place 600+ constituency candidates offering viable, funded alternatives to the existing party offerings. These sensible policies offered by Reform will make Britain a better country for all.


Core belief and values

I believe that the people know best and that small Government should help people to help themselves. That it is the role of Government to create the opportunities that individuals need to thrive and succeed.

I believe in capitalism. I believe that hard work will get results and that no one owes me a living.

I believe in low taxation, low regulation, free market economics.

I believe that Government should do what it can to give people a leg up the ladder – to train, to teach, to support when needed.

I believe that good Governance is giving the next generation the tools they need through high quality education so they can succeed – a hand up, not a hand out.

I believe in high quality health care, free at the point of use…. delivered efficiently without wasted spend.

I believe that the UK is the greatest place on Earth to live. I believe that it currently has challenges and is heading in the wrong direction. I believe that with reform of several underperforming sectors we can put the country back on track for the next generation.

I believe that the rights of victims should overrule the rights of criminals.

I believe that we should put our own house in order before we attempt to ‘fix’ the rest of the world. Once we have zero homeless in the UK, zero NHS waiting lists, zero pot holes, zero robberies, zero rapes, zero muggings, zero stabbings, zero murders, zero online fraud, (I could go on…).

Then and only then should we start ‘helping’ the rest of the world. Giving people money doesn’t in my opinion ‘help’ anyone. It makes them dependent on you.

I believe that the current habit of soft launch policy ideas for polling feedback does nothing but irritate the public. We are governed by focus groups. I prefer the old system; present a manifesto, get elected, implement manifesto, public votes five years later to determine how good you were.

I believe that sometimes its not about being popular, its about doing what needs to be done, however unpopular it may be.

We know that this journey may not be easy or straightforward. However, we hope to implement all the reforms that are needed to turn this wonderful country around, but as a society we need to grasp the nettle and push through to a better tomorrow.

Join me on this journey to a better and brighter Britain!