Harry Palmer Reform Party UK South West Bedfordshire Spokesman


My name is Harry Palmer and I have been selected as the constituency prospective parliament candidate for the 2024 general election in Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard.

My aim  is to introduce myself to as many constituents across Dunstable & Leighton Buzzard as possible in the near future.

We hope to appeal to disillusioned voters, fed up with broken promises, high taxes and being taken for granted by successive Governments that seems to put everyone else ahead of you . The Tories have been in Government for 12 years, in all likelihood they will have been in power for 14 years at the time of the next General Election.

  • If you thought austerity a decade ago was difficult, I suspect that you haven’t seen anything yet. This government is going to destroy peoples lives.
  • High Tax, Low Growth & the drive to Net Zero at any cost will continue as long as the Tories are in Government
  • We are currently  seeing spiraling interest rates and inflation rising to over 10%
  • If you can’t improve peoples lives in 14 years, how long do you need?
  • If you can’t make our public services work better after almost a decade and a half, then maybe you are never going to?


Most politicians won’t tell you their personal opinions about the main issues of the day. I think this is wrong. I take the view that you want to know where your potential MP stands on the biggest issues. Most politicians keep their personal views to themselves so you can’t disagree with them and so they can seat on the fence.

I don’t expect you to agree with 100% of my views, it would be quite odd if we all agreed on everything, but, you will know where I stand & I am always available to debate any issues where you think I am wrong and want to try to change my mind.

I wouldn’t want to lose any potential voters because of one specific view, but I am prepared to do just that, so that you actually get to know me and the issues that matter to me.

Are you are fed up with self serving ministers feathering their own nests and following a policy agenda that bears little resemblance to the manifesto they were elected on?

  • Soaring inflation and no plan to fix the problem
  • Cross channel illegal immigration running wild
  • Additional immigration (which never gets much press) running in the 100,000’s
  • Green net zero agenda & massive taxes
  • Northern Ireland separated by a customs border
  • 10% National Insurance Increase to fund Care Sector (But diverted into NHS Blackhole)
  • Double Standards for ‘them & us’ Government & ‘Partygate’
  • Back scratching contracts and PPE deals
  • Titles and peerages in exchange for cash and favours
  • Government waste is frightening, £37Billion on track and trace App?
  • MP’s get a £2,000 pay rise while the cost of living goes up for the rest of us
  • MP’s charging us for heating their second homes on their expenses





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You have a choice; you can stand on the sidelines & moan about everything that is wrong with the Country & the dire state of current politics, or, you can get involved and help us to make the changes we all need....