We’ll Reform Care Home Funding

  • Reform Social Care Funding
  • Reinstate Sacked Staff
  • Ringfence longterm personal care fund accounts

Social Care

Social Care planning. Traditionally, UK Governments collect tax (in different guises), and then spend the monies collected on what they think best.

We have a system of robbing Peter to pay Paul which has existed since the 1950’s, for Pensions as well as long term care.

We need a growing workforce every year to pay NI to fund the ever growing Pension and Social Care requirements.

Unless we take steps to break this cycle, it will never end.

Imagine a Country where we put the Pension and Care portion of your National Insurance (NI) into a personal savings fund. This fund would grow across 50 years, providing a greatly enhanced fund to finance your Pension and Social Care requirements.

The current state pension is a maximum of £179 per week, or £775 per month.

If the same NI payments were invested in your name for your 50 year working life then the same money would pay you around £2,500 per month.

There would of course be some financial pain switching to a sustainable pension and care system that will look after us much better in retirement, but if we don’t reform the system and put a graduated switching process in place we will never reach the point when the system looks after us adequately.

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