NHS Waiting Lists

  • Zero Waiting Lists Within Two Years
  • 24hr GP Surgeries To Take Pressure Off A & E
  • Restore Face To Face GP Appointments

The NHS is possibly the most loved and envied healthcare system in the world. Being free at the point of delivery is at its core and must always continue This is not the reality. We used to be under fund but when our healthcare is compared with the systems used by many comparable Countries however  this is now  not the case.

We spend similar sums per capita,  and our waiting lists, facilities and health outcomes are way down the league tables leaving us with relatively low quality healthcare.

The NHS shut down more services during the first year of the covid pandemic than almost every other country in Europe ( studies have revealed).  Cancer-related surgery in the UK fell by more than a quarter ( 26 per cent ) in 2020 compared to 2019, potentially slashing patients survival rates.  We need to act now to transform cancer services in this country from world lagging to leading. People shouldn’t have long waits to receive a diagnosis and begin treatment.

Ambulances response times are poor as they queue to hand over patients to A&E, because beds are blocked with people needing social care .

  • The total number of NHS hospital beds in England has more than halved over the past 30 years. In 1998 we had a population of 56 million and 299,000 hospital beds. By 2021 the population had increased to 68 million but we have more then halved our bed capacity to 141,000 .

We will reopen nursing and midwifery professions to recruitment without a degree requirement as well as a new social care nursing qualification. As this is not essential to have a degree to perform these duties, within  a hospital setting.

Many other countries dont have a waiting list so why should we?

• If you cannot be seen by a GP in 3 days, you get a voucher to go private elsewhere.
• If you cannot be seen by a consultant in 3 weeks, you get a voucher to go private elsewhere.
• If you cannot have an operation in 9 weeks from Day 1, you get a voucher to go private elsewhere.

The concept of the NHS is sound, “free at the point of use” is a valuable tenet going forwards and it is the one part of the NHS that we need to defend and protect along with the hundreds of thousands of hard working, dedicated Doctors, Nurses & support staff.

Our aim is to transform the NHS into the worlds leading healthcare service that we can be truely proud of. No other country on earth has adopted our healthcare provision model. If it was as good as we are told, surely it would have been copied across the world?

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