We’ll Reform the Military Covenant

  • Maintain a Strong Military
  • Reform Military Covenant
  • Increased Veteran Support


In order to maintain our influence in the world and retain our seat at the top table of the G7 we need to maintain a strong defence capability & replace Trident. Of course there is a strong argument not to bother spending many  billions of pounds on a weapon that we will never use, but that is where we currently are.

Until such time as all nuclear powers decommission their nuclear deterrents, we must maintain ours. Trident is the reason for relative world peace since the second world war. Yes there have been many smaller wars, but the main world powers, the ones with the capacity to do the most harm have all been neutralised by the nuclear deterrent.

We have a much reduced Navy, Army and Air Force. However, we have modern, efficient ships, airplanes and tanks. Only a few years ago we sent the HMS Dauntless a Type 45 Air Defence Destroyer to the Falkland Islands in response to an increase in aggression from the Argentinian Government. HMS Dauntless carries more firepower than the entire fleet sent in 1982 to liberate the Falklands following their invasion.

We need to maintain sufficient defence forces to be able to deploy if and when required anywhere in the world.

Our new aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth & HMS Prince of Wales provide us with an ongoing capacity to deploy worldwide in order to protect our dominions, interests & the persecuted. We need to maintain sufficient support vessels and infrastructure to maintain these carrier capabilities.

Only a couple of years ago we were contemplating leasing out one of our unaffordable aircraft carriers, and yet by 2020, the Tories spent the equivalent of almost 10 aircraft carriers on the Track & Trace App that has never worked. That is 37,000 Million Pounds. (Each aircraft carrier cost £3.8 Billion or £3,800 Million).

We need to get to the bottom of where that £37 Billion has gone, who received it and what it was for?

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