Illegal Immigration

It is costing the UK tax payer on average 7  million a day to house these illegal immigrates. That equates to 2.5 billion a year! This is not taking into account the costs associated to our NHS and benefits they would be entitled to. Now, lets look at the bigger picture. so far this year we have had 38,000 illegal immigrants, 12,000 of those have  mostly been men  from Albania, there is no war in Albania or instability. It is very clear that the majority of these individuals from Albanian are joining organised crime gangs here in the UK. Since 2012, the Albanian prison population has increased nine fold to over 1,500 prisoners.

In the first six months of 2022, more than half were from these three countries 75% of all small boat arrivals were men aged 18 to 39

  • 18% came from Albania
  • 18% from Afghanistan
  • 15% from Iran

We have got to be asking our self’s why are these illegal  immigrates travelling through multiple countries and sea to come to the UK, is it for our generous benefit system? Organised crime? It is very clear to me!

Despite the French being paid £54 million by Britain last year to stem the tide, the proportion of migrants being stopped by French officials has actually fallen from 50% in 2021 to only 42.5%

This is totally unacceptable the government is failing to deal with the issue! Why  pay billions to  house these illegal emigrates in luxury hotels and accommodation blocks , when they haven’t paid a penny to use. Our pensioners have their triple lock cancelled & retirement age increased. We have homeless veterans living on our streets who are put to the bottom of the list. Our priorities are all wrong.


We have a duty to look after our own citizens first and foremost. As long as we have pensioners who can’t afford to heat their own homes, we should not be accepting any immigrants. We clearly cannot afford to do so at this moment in time.

The cost of this net immigration is huge and illegal immigrants should not be granted asylum in the UK under any circumstances. This will act as a deterrent to future attempts to enter the UK illegally.

We have become a soft touch providing far too warm a welcome, hotel accommodation, food and spending money to all arrivals. It is an insane situation which we can’t afford, let alone sustain. We should be cutting our benefits inline with  the rest of Europe to deter them from crossing the channel in over crowded and unsafe boats.

We also have no idea who is coming to the UK, what are their intentions and whether they are a danger to the public or not. But current crime rates and prison intakes speak otherwise.

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