Let’s Restructure BBC Financing

We’ll Reform BBC Funding.

The current BBC licence business model which has been a centre point of British life for 100 years with just a couple of tv stations is “ completely outdated “. 

It is very clear that now the BBC desperately needs to change to become a player in the current times, in a world of expanding choice and competitive market dynamics. 

The BBC keeps telling us that it provides us all with the best programmes on tv, therefore it shouldn’t have any problems raising revenues from subscribers who want to watch their shows. 

Netflix up until recently had gross earnings of over $50 billion per year. Since the Ukraine war, withdrawal from Russia and a worldwide cost of living crisis, not to mention some dubious woke programming decisions they have recently lost up to 20% of that.  Still around $40 billion from a worldwide audience. 

In recent months the BBC corporation has ramped up investment in its North America operation, doubling its journalist headcount believing it can be “an antidote “ to disinformation and polarisation in the US news landscape. Even as the broadcaster has faced cuts at home. 

The BBC has regularly been dubbed a “ biased left-wing organisation, which seriously fails in its political representation from the top down,  blatantly flouting in an attempt to manipulate public opinion. 

A good example of this was Question Time during the Brexit Referendum.  The BBC are required to invite a balanced panel from all main parties to debate on shows, BUT, their answer during Brexit debates was to invite Pro EU MP’s from all the major parties and Nigel Farage on behalf of leavers . 

I believe that the BBC long ago gave up any pretence of neutrality, presenters are often transparent when they interview, they talk over and interrupt any interviewee whom they do not agree with which is in contrast with the unchallenged respectful approach shown to favoured interviewees. 

It is clear that the BBC has let itself down by having presenters who have deeply left – winged political views. 

A public broadcaster has a duty and requirement to be impartial. Their employees, staff and presenters should be neutral. 

Many people don’t understand the difference and inadvertently believe that they are being told the “News”, not an opinion about the news. 

Privately owned news organisations are perfectly entitled to espouse whatever opinions they choose as ultimately their viewers will decide whether to watch and thus financially support those networks. 

As the BBC are adamant that the quality of their content is second to none, surely they won’t have any problems selling it to their fans via subscription? 

The BBC is different.  It is a publicly owned broadcaster. It has a responsibility to provide impartial coverage and not have a political opinion. It should not be attempting to manipulate public opinion! 

Harry Palmer is the Reform Party Spokesman for the South West Bedfordshire Constituency. All opinions on this website www.harrypalmer.uk are personal opinions & views on different areas of policy & government. Harry supports Reform Party policy but wants potential supporters and voters to understand his personal views and opinions. For official Reform Party policy please visit: https://www.reformparty.uk

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