We’ll Reform the House of Commons

I would create more transparency regarding the House of Commons & MP’s other interests, Directorships, Consultancies, book writing deals, etc.

Currently (April 2022) over 50 MP’s are being investigated for some level of sexual impropriety or wrongdoing. That’s 8% of current MPs under investigation. We have a currently unnamed Tory MP allegedly watching porn in the House of Commons. While he is innocent until proved guilty, how have we reached the point in time where an MP can put himself in the position to even be accused of watching porn in Parliament?

At this rate it’ll soon be easier and quicker to name MP’s who haven’t been accused of anything.

We currently have a situation where Nadhim Zahawi MP for example, current Minister for Education owns 50% of YouGov, the political polling organisation (that sounds like a government organisation but is privately owned) responsible potentially for influencing the opinions of millions.

Matt Hancock while Secretary of Health, had nothing to do with his Sisters and Mothers PPE healthcare company Topwood Ltd gaining Government contracts as Covid played out. It was of course, nothing to do with him. Completely coincidental and unconnected in any way. On a totally different subject, he is now listed as the owner of 20 shares in the company, Topwood Ltd.

I would tighten up MPs expenses. You can’t introduce low emission zones to tax the public and then charge that tax to the public purse rather than pay it yourself. But sadly some do. One of many unreasonable claims currently being made by multiple MP’s.

While your utility bills have been doubling, over 100 cross party MP’s have included the heating bills for their second homes on their MP expenses. We are not all in this together. They are also about to receive a £2000 pay rise. That will be handy for when the energy cost increases that they have caused by cutting UK Gas production kick in. Don’t worry though we are definitely all in this together.

MPs have never been held in lower esteem than they are currently. I say it is time to change that. Together we can restore some semblance of dignity to the office. We can get rid of the sleaze. We can get rid of the doubt, the double standards.


I would provide accomodation in London close to the Houses of Parliament for MPs to use. This would save money in the long term and prevent the public from subsidising MPs property investments.

There are currently, alledgedly over 100 MP’s renting out homes they own in London while claiming for a London home to live in. Is that reasonable? Is that a good use of public money? Or, is it a way to leverage their own assets while asking the public to fund it?

I do not own a duck house, have no intention of buying one and even less intention of asking you to pay for it if I ever do. You have my word on that.

MP’s are only human, they will make mistakes, errors of judgement & fall foul of the rules, but it seems to me that they no longer even try to maintain even basic standards of decency, honour and respect. I think they have all forgotten that they are televised and that the public can see them.

Although I wouldn’t for a moment suggest that Michael Gove was on something during his TV interview when he started doing impressions. Maybe he is just high on life? There is definately not a drugs problem in the Commons. There is definately not a culture problem in the Commons. I need to make that clear. Nothing to see.


Harry Palmer is the Reform Party Spokesman for the South West Bedfordshire Constituency. All opinions on this website www.harrypalmer.uk are personal opinions & views on different areas of policy & government. Harry supports Reform Party policy but wants potential supporters and voters to understand his personal views and opinions. For official Reform Party policy please visit: https://www.reformparty.uk

You have a choice; you can stand on the sidelines & moan about everything that is wrong with the Country & the dire state of current politics, or, you can get involved and help us to make the changes we all need....

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