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Covid Policy

We need to learn to live with Covid. It should go without saying that every death is tragic for those involved. There is no doubt that people have died during covid unnecessarily, both from the virus itself as well as from side effects from the jabs. The long term safety of which is still uncertain.

Vaccination should be a free choice. If you are under 75 and have no underlying health conditions, your statistical odds of dying from Covid are very small.

We should be able to carry out personal risk assessments, and then decide on what medical treatments to accept or refuse based on our personal risk profile. Personally, I felt that as a healthy 53 year old, not over weight, with no underlying conditions, my chance of surviving Covid-19 was 99.9%. On the other hand, for me, taking a new, not fully tested jab represented a grater risk than the virus did.

Whatever you might read, anywhere, no one can know what the impact of the jab will be in 5 or 10 years time. It might be zero (I hope it is), or, it might have a negative affect on our immune systems. If I was in my 70’s or 80’s with underlying health conditions, I would probably rush for the jab, because 5 or 10 years down the road is less important than the here and now. As I said, for each person, the risk is different and they should be free to choose. The Governments one size fits all coersion is not a good plan.

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