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We’ll Reform the Military Covenant Maintain a Strong Military Reform Military Covenant Increased Veteran Support Defence In order to maintain our influence in the world and retain our seat at the top table of the G7 we need to maintain a strong defence capability & replace Trident. Of course there is a strong argument not […]

We’ll Reform Welfare     Figures from UK Government show that despite our Government hailing the lowest unemployment figures since the 1970’s, people receiving welfare in the UK is out of control.Before the start of COVID we had 3 million people claiming Universal credit , now that figure has sky rocketed to 5 million! In […]

NHS Waiting Lists Zero Waiting Lists Within Two Years 24hr GP Surgeries To Take Pressure Off A & E Restore Face To Face GP Appointments The NHS is possibly the most loved and envied healthcare system in the world. Being free at the point of delivery is at its core and must always continue This […]

Let’s Restructure BBC Financing We’ll Reform BBC Funding. The current BBC licence business model which has been a centre point of British life for 100 years with just a couple of tv stations is “ completely outdated “.  It is very clear that now the BBC desperately needs to change to become a player in […]