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We’ll Reform the House of Commons I would create more transparency regarding the House of Commons & MP’s other interests, Directorships, Consultancies, book writing deals, etc. Currently (April 2022) over 50 MP’s are being investigated for some level of sexual impropriety or wrongdoing. That’s 8% of current MPs under investigation. We have a currently unnamed […]

We’ll Reform the Civil Service The civil service appoints a lot of generalists which rote through a wide range of different roles. Individuals often move from post to post and upwards quickly. Few emerge to the top with a general knowledge and experience but many don’t gain sufficient. No-one is responsible for much as projects […]

We’ll Reform the House of Lords Reform the House of Lords Elected via Proportional Representation Accountable Second House The House of Lords is not representative of the countries views. We need a second chamber that more accurately reflects the views of the nation in order to provide checks and balances for the House of Commons. […]

Let’s Defend Body Autonomy Promote Healthy Eating Respect Body Autonomy Replace Project Fear with Project Back To Normal Covid Policy We need to learn to live with Covid. It should go without saying that every death is tragic for those involved. There is no doubt that people have died during covid unnecessarily, both from the […]

Let’s Defend our Democratic Freedoms Protect our Freedoms Equal Opportunities for All British Human Rights Act Democracy In a true Democracy, we should receive: Government of the people, by the people, for the people. When it stoops looking like that, maybe it is because it is no longer functioning like that. In recent years we have experienced policy being done to us, […]

Let’s Cut Foreign Aid Cut Foreign Aid Budget to 0.35% GDP Deploy Manpower Instead of Money Stop Imposing our ‘Democracy’ on others Foreign Aid Have you ever thought about all the times we faced terrorist attacks before we started giving developing countries handouts? Or how many illegal immigrants came to the UK before we handed […]

Let’s End Smart Motorways Reduce Windfall Fuel Taxes End Smart Motorways Cancel HS2 Invest in Road Network Repairs Let’s talk about windfall taxes shall we. Currently (10-6-2022) we are paying on average £100 to fill our cars & looks to be heading even higher. Our Government is happily collecting over 90 pence per litre in […]

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